In the past, it was challenging to manage an invent management business because it required a lot of time and attention to grow. However, with the advancement in technology and the presence of internet which is currently making the world a global village, managing an event company is now easy.

Apart from proper management, an event company also requires adequate promotion and creation of awareness for it to grow a strong customer/client base. Promoting your business has also become very easy with the use of a laptop and wireless services. Here are five precise and straightforward ways to promote your event planning business online.


  • Advertisement: Advertising is considered to be the bedrock of success in an event planning business. In this age of the new media, advertising has been made easy and possible through the use of online media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, amongst others. There is little or no need for a formal or paid form of advert as obtained in a newspaper or radio advert. All an event planner needs to do is to create awareness on this social media pages and grow a strong client base.
  • Blogging: Blogging is also a simple way to promote your event planning business online. Create a blog to expatiate on the purpose of the company, its achievements, add pictures from previous events you have handled successfully and possibly get your clients to comment on your post and recommend others to your business. Blogging gives the client a more comfortable feeling about your business when they look through your pictures; they feel more assured that their projects can be well handled.
  • Share videos online: Sharing videos of you handling an event or showing off a tutorial online will attract views and subsequently more clients. These days’ people believe in the wonders of photoshop, and the easiest way to convince another person is to share an unedited or filtered video of you in the act. Clients do not just want to see pictures they also need something more convincing.
  • Referrals: Getting referrals from previous clients is also an essential means of promoting your business online. Tag previous clients to their works which you have uploaded online and make sure they have kind remarks or comments to make; this will help in motivating more clients. Also, previous clients can recommend you and tag you on pages of people intending to use a planner for their events.
  • Make use of hashtags: Create a unique hashtag for events you have covered thereby having a means to save your pictures or videos online, and quickly telling a client to check your hashtag and get convinced. Also, clients can tag you on events you have covered using the hashtag, and other event planners can also tag you.

Finally, promoting your event planning business has been made accessible through the use of social media. Having accurate knowledge of what you do and making good use of the social media will yield the desired positive result. Also, if you are finding it difficult to draw clients to your event planning business, then you can contact us today by visiting our website.  Our company, Celebrauctions, helps event planners to bid for jobs that have been posted by people who have upcoming events. It also connects thousands of event planners all over the world to big opportunities.